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LASIK Chicago

LASIK Chicago


Dr. Nicholas C. Caro MD, compassionately known as Nick Caro by his patients, has thousands of satisfied patients. Here are just a few of the testimonials Dr. Caro has received regarding his performance as well as the overall patient experience at the St. George Corrective Vision Center where Dr. Caro serves as the Medical Director. Click Here to go to the St. George Vision Center

Dr. Nicholas Caro

Nicholas C. Caro MD
Dr. Nicholas Caro

Nicholas C. Caro MD
Dr. Nicholas Caro

Nicholas C. Caro MD


Nicholas Caro Testimonial

~Fr. Peter Spiro~

Dr. Nick,
What can I say? Itís a modern day miracle. Throughout my entire life, I have used glasses and the past 3 years contact lenses. I donít remember a time when I wasnít trying to focus through wet glasses in the rain, or taping my glasses together throughout my scholastic career from a sporting mishap. In my 30ís I went to contact lenses to lose the glasses, and found that I could not read well in low light, and also felt like scratching my eyes out after a long day wearing them. It was not an ideal solution by any means but beat glasses.

I have often looked back at my pictures from 30 plus years, and shake my head thinking that such a day of clear vision would have only come in the Kingdom of Heaven. I would have never believed that my vision could have become what it is today, with a laser and 10 minute procedure. Itís unbelievable and truly a modern day miracle. I know that my eyes are still healing and I am still getting used to them.

When I look up close at some things, I still every once and a while will tilt my head down to look over the top of my glasses which are no longer there, and the action is merely habit and not out of necessity. Some habits are hard to break, but a fantastic one to put into disuse. Even though I deal with a lot of things and see a lot of things, I am still a ninny when it comes to medical procedures and surgeryÖas you found out. Donít spread that around either!

I wasnít quite sure what to think about the whole thing at first, and was quite cautious about my eyes being operated on. Your confidence and assurance of my viability of a successful outcome was comforting and the impetus for me having the procedure done.

I am very happy with my new eyesight and still thank God every day as well as Saint Paraskevi that such procedures are possible and that my eyesight has become a million times better than before and keeps getting better every day. Thank you for what you are doing. As in the book of Samuel in the Old Testament, it says ďBlessed are the hands of doctors, because they are the hands of God.Ē
I wish you all the best for this new year and with your family. May God continue to bless you and guide you always helping you to do His work for so many people.
I feel visually liberated and I thank you for all that you do and have done for me.

In Christ,
Fr. Peter Spiro




Nicholas Caro MD, a leader in the field of Ophthalmology is the proud father of Dimitri Caro, Spiro Caro and loving husband of Peggy Caro

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