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LASIK Chicago

LASIK Chicago


Dr. Nicholas C. Caro MD, compassionately known as Nick Caro by his patients, has thousands of satisfied patients. Here are just a few of the testimonials Dr. Caro has received regarding his performance as well as the overall patient experience at the St. George Corrective Vision Center where Dr. Caro serves as the Medical Director. Click Here to go to the St. George Vision Center

Dr. Nicholas Caro

Nicholas C. Caro MD
Dr. Nicholas Caro

Nicholas C. Caro MD
Dr. Nicholas Caro

Nicholas C. Caro MD


Nicholas Caro Testimonial

~Lanette Littlejohn-Brown~

My experience is like someone granting me life all over again, with the ability to see it differently. I have been wearing glasses since I was five years old. Each year my sight progressed to the state that my glasses were indeed a Coke Cola bottle.

Then came contact lenses and I was reprieved from the glasses only to become a slave to the upkeep ritual. A friend of mine, Teresa Dismukes, told me she took the plunge and had the lasik surgery. She was elated and expressed how wonderful her experience was to see without the assistance of glasses or contacts. I decided to be brave and called for a consultation.

The staff was so friendly and they make you feel so comfortable. You look at a video to explain the entire procedure. Carmelita is the best. She does the preliminary testing and she also comforts your fears. Dr, Caro tells you what he can and can not do for you. In my case he would not get me to 20-20 but he would get me to a positive #. There is a risk but once you see the benefits you know it out ways anything.

Because of my age and other health conditions I had to have one eye done at a time. That Friday after my first surgery, I told my Mom I could see the TV without any problems. Everything was so clear, it felt like the owner of a brand new HDTV. My second eye was done on the following day. After both eyes were completed, I knew that I had made the best decision.

The opportunity for me to see in the morning without grabbing my glasses or putting my contact lenses in was worth it all. Dr. Caro is performing a miracle with the steady hand of God on him. Bless the staff and Doc for continuing to help others like me. I can see, Thank God I can see.

Lanette Littlejohn-Brown




Nicholas Caro MD, a leader in the field of Ophthalmology is the proud father of Dimitri Caro, Spiro Caro and loving husband of Peggy Caro

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